Power and Responsibility

David looked at himself in the rearview mirror and smiled. He was still getting used to the fact that he looked damn good in his uniform. The academy had chased away the excess pounds that he had gained in college and the crisp new uniform made him look efficient and effective. He felt the eyes of the city on him. People feared and respected him. He was a god- at least for a minute anyway.

The sky lit up as two figures chased one another, zig-zagging around buildings while exchanging blasts of coloured light that exploded in the air. Most vanished harmlessly into open air but some ricocheted off buildings, shattering windows and sending debris to the ground.

David’s patrol car rocked under the impact of one such near miss.

He grabbed his radio and focused on his training.

“Dispatch, I have a battle between two post humans, Epsilon-class at the very least- I’m going to need backup.”

The two figures still chasing each other, disappeared into the horizon.

“Cancel the backup. Just send the cleanup crews.”

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