“Did you want to be an Elf when you were growing up? How about a dwarf or a werewolf? Well now thanks to Genitico you can make your childhood dreams come true…” Genetic engineering, that’s how it all started. Giving people pointy ears and superior vision and calling them elves. Now you can be anything you want to be if you can pay for it. Dental bonded fangs and strength augmentation set you well on your way to being a vampire. Sensor amplifier implants and massive hair plugs and you can howl at the moon and play pretend you’re a werewolf. I see it everyday a combination of cosmetic and genetic alterations and the new you is born. That is if you can pay for it. If you can’t you’re stuck a human with a possibly treatable genetic disorder, but no one knows how to treat it. Turns out there isn’t any money in curing poor people. I should feel guilty about that I suppose, but hey I’m getting wings next week. Glad I have good insurance.

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