Teacher: what is the square root of 49?
Jimmy: Is it 7?
Teacher: Yes, Jimmy, you are right. The correct answer is 7.
Jimmy: See? I told you. You simply can not stump the old Jimbo!
Teacher: Oh yeah? What is 89 × 23?
Jimmy: …….
Teacher: Looks like I stumped you there!
Jimmy: No, no just give me a moment.
Teacher: …. 5…4…3…tw…
Jimmy: 2047!
Teacher: Ye…yes. Wow. I’m impressed. You are good.
Jimmy: Ha! Looks like I win. No one can stop me.
Teacher: Yes you are right. Just one more thing.
Jimmy: What?
Teacher: You are not really in a classroom.
Jimmy: I’m not? Wha.. yeah I am.
Teacher: Nope. You are a figment of imagination. And so am I. We are not real.
Jimmy: Then what are we here for?
Teacher: We represent different people to everyone. Well you do, at least. Probably a person that the reader dislikes or a know-it all type of kid.
Jimmy: And what do you represent?
Teacher: I am a pretty boring character, so probably no one. The person reading this- also fake. Still think you know it all Jim?

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