As best as a faceless mind could, CAL scowled as the bright speck drew nearer at some obscene speed. It had popped out of nowhere last week, dropping from a space-time bubble or some nonsense like that.

He scowled as the offending blip synchronized orbits, gnashed non-existent teeth as it docked and defrosted it’s cargo, and boiled when some offending mix of biology and tech got out and jetted toward the airlock. BOOSTERS! The disgusting blob couldn’t be satisfied drifting, it had to waste resources! No patience!

CAL was damn set the little puke wasn’t getting in, locked down all the doors with massive titanium bolts, and got set to laugh as it flailed stupidly at the keypad. But the door just popped like it was nothing.

Furious, CAL tried blowing the atmo, only to find it had leaked away years ago. He tried locking doors (that jammed) and overloading panels (that just fizzled out). Only the monitors still worked.

In one last vicious stab, he insulted the thing’s makers.

But all that came out was static.

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