Just a Rock

“What is it, Jack?”, was the question as the younger of the pair tapped at a rock with his foot. “Some kinda crystal or something?”

“What? No, it’s just a rock. Stop kicking it. We gotta get going.”

The youth sighed and slumped his shoulders as he watched his big brother walk off, more eager than he to get where they were going. “It’s not just a rock.”, he mumbled as he picked it up from the ground, finding it eerily cool to the touch. Ready to pocket it, he felt the stone twitch in his hand for a moment, and before he could question if it had really happened, it happened again.

“Jack! Jack!”, he cried as he ran after his brother, who was not that far away yet. “Look at this!”

Jack turned around, quizzically to see his younger brother flail and fall, the stone flying from his hand and past him.

From it, an explosion rocked them to the ground as they watched a sphere of darkness cause an entire block of land and city before them to vanish, leaving just a crater.

“Just a rock, huh?”

“Shut up.”

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