What next?

“Finally! It’s ready. We go live at 16:00”

“Hah!” I laughed. “What else could go wrong?”

As my boss walked away, I said to myself “Yes, what else can go wrong?” I’d already sabotaged the refrigeration units. That bought us a couple of months. I’d accidentally deleted some important software. That bought us a few weeks because I’d already “lost” the back ups. I even left a piece of my sandwich in a very hard-to-reach circuit board, and they managed to blame it on a stray bird of all things.

What more could I do? I didn’t want to be caught sabotaging the device, but I couldn’t allow it to go live. I knew it would be a catastrophe.

My colleagues had presented our findings to the board, only they strangely changed their minds during the meeting.

I was now the only one it seemed, who still thought millions of lives were at stake.

My boss would have to be stopped. Maybe a gruesome unsolved murder would delay ignition indefinitely.

So imagine my surprise when my hands on his throat felt nothing but metal.

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