The Purse

The woman, with the big diamond ring on her left hand, went to the back of the crowded bookstore and waited. An hour passed, she got up and walked through the bookstore leaving her purse there.

She climbed into her red, Volkswagen and sped away.

Her cell phone rang. She picked it up and answered it.“Mrs. Jenson, this is Detective Carter. Your bookstore is in flames.” the detective said.

“I will be right there.” she spun the car around and headed back toward the bookstore.

As she watched her bookstore burn to the ground, Detective Carter took her statement and told her he would contact her in a few days.

She walked up the stairs; the dark-haired man was standing on the deck waiting for her.

“Well, Mrs. Jenson, how does it feel to be a million-dollars richer?”
“You tell me detective?” Mrs. Jensen turned to look at her husband and smiled.

Beneath the couple, under the deck, the remains of a brown purse along with some burned papers (located in a file labeled Jensen) were buried six feet under.

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