miss misunderstood

I gazed in the mirror. My glossy strawberry blonde locks were straightened to perfection. My seagreen eyes shone, and my dazzling white teeth stood out againt my tan skin. I placed a pair of diamond channel earrings in my ears, dabbed some blush on my cheeks, and swiped mascara over my lashes.
I swipped my pink Iphone from the armchair in my closet and speed dialed Cameron.
“Hey chickeee!” She gushed.
“Be there in 10.” I said in my usual tone.
“Kay. I’ll text Ali and Kris.”
“Thanks, darling.”
I hung up and slipped on black wedges. My freshly pedicured toes were painted with a midnight blue to match my glittery tank top and high waisted floral skirt.
I sighed, not ready to start another day of my perfect life.
Yeah, I get everything I want. Yeah, I’m gorgeous, have amazing friends, and boys crawling behing me every step I take. Yeah, I’m really smart and athletic. Yeah, Im down to earth and sensitive.
And yeah, most of the time nobody understands how I feel.
I took a deep breath and walked out the door.

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