Student's Mind

Just reach over and touch his hand…


Then just brush it, he won’t notice that you did it purposely.


See, the hair on his arms are nice. Makes you feel all nice.

Ugh, yeah it does.

Now how about we go a little more further…

How about we don’t. Let’s stay calm.

Hm, he has nice arms, they’re all muscle-y.

I know, but I can’t. We’re in the middle of class for God’s sake.

So? All right, how’s after class? Look at the clock! We have, like, a minute.

Are you serious? I’m not a freak.

Ha! You can fool everyone else, but I know you better than that.

Shut up.

Do it!

Do you ever quit?

I know you want to!

Okay, and? Doesn’t mean I’m gonna do it.

Yeah, you are. Oh! There he comes!

Damn. He is really fine.

Told you!

Shut up, I’m trying to pay attention.

Is that black hair dyed?

Yeah, I think so. I heard he was a natural ginger.

Red heads can be hot.

Yeah, but I like it black.

Ring, ring, ring


“Uhm, Mister? I have a question about this…”

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