Setting Up Shop

XJ-399’s lizard-like body wriggled out of his exoskeleton, leaving it securely clamped to the station’s surface near the airlock. His body was covered by his pressure suit, but XJ-399’s helmet allowed a little sunlight to shine through his blue, slightly translucent, head and neck. Dark outlines revealed his cybernetic innards.

He looked back toward his ship. “Coming?” In response, a large box shaped droid, named YU-443, with 3 skinny arms at each side, floated towards him. “What do you think?”

“I like it! I think it’s worth saving just for the historic value.” The top of YU-443’s body popped open. “Here,” He pulled out a large cylinder on a tether. “I’ll place the boosters and you hook up the power transmitter inside.” XJ-399 took the tether and went in. As YU-443 zipped toward the edge he grabbed a few smaller cylinders, also tied to tethers, from his top compartment. After reaching the edge he had a look in a few windows.

YU-443 whistled. His light revealed more than a few dead bodies. “Hey, XJ?”

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