Profession of the Recently Unemployed

Astonishment. Jaden Kapur’s mouth hung open even after four hours of proceedings. From the Ambassador’s accusation of his incompetence, to the removal of the body, to his swift unemployment, Jaden’s mouth hung open. The air was thin and dusty, and a chilly wind stroked his bones. He had not even been given a jacket before they tossed him out of the complex.

A low gurgle stemmed from somewhere, and moisture warmed his cheeks. In tears, he finally released fours hours of astonishment.

“How the hell is it MY fault?!”

He was not director of security – who potentially could have been responsible for the unacceptable entry of an armed assassin. He was also not the security marshal assigned to Ambassador Jorm – who certainly could be blamed. Moreover, he was not even security. His tears had subsided, and his eyes, dry and red, now glowed with anger. His face hinted at vengeance, and Jaden, a scholar who had occupied the complex before the peace talks had been arranged, would get revenge. One way or another.

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