Mrs. Norris

Mrs. Norris was a glutton.
And a fat one as it be.
She ate everything in sight.
Her motivation was pure greed.

She took from little children,
And also from the poor.
She took everything from everyone,
while never leaving her apartment floor.

For Mrs.Norris never moved around,
she was lazy as can be.
She never worked off her large weight,
as anyone could see.

She was a nuissance to be around.
She never had many friends.
For Mrs. Norris was also vain,
her self righteous speeches had no end.

And to top it off, the old hag,
had a wretched temper too.
Her favorite weapon to use on kids,
were her raggedy old shoes.

Mrs. Norris was the kind of person,
that no one wanted to be.
Because Mrs. Norris was a glutton,
and a fat one as it be.

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