“Here hon,” he said, throwing something her way. “A little reward for all your hard work.”
She reached out, barely catching the satin covered box. She smiled, slightly, and popped the top. A giant gemstone gleamed in the light of the bedroom lamps.
“How lovely,” she said, pulling the diamond ring out of the box and trying it on her finger. “And it fits!”
“Of course it fits,” he said. “By now I know what size ring you wear.”
“And you don’t know what size dress I wear,” she said, “or at least you pretend you don’t.”
“You look good to me, what can I say,” he said, reaching over the bed to grab her in a bear hug. “And you outdid yourself this time. You deserve a reward.”
“Next job I’d like more than a reward I think,” she said. “I want to score big. You know what I mean? I found this.”
“No break?” he asked.
She handed him a print out of a commercial real-estate listing. A bookstore, owners retiring, all fixtures and stock for sale to new owner.
“This is just what we need. The rewards will be huge.”

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