Mr. Pulman sat at the dining room table, waiting. He could hear Sam and Eli washing up in the restroom and the baby was climbing up on the chair beside his mothers’ saying “My spot”.
After washing up, Sam and Eli flew to the table like jets.
“Boys! No running in the house.” Mr. Pulman said as he got up to get Todd’s fingers out of the mashed potatoes. He settled the baby back down only to turn around and find his five year old, Eli, climbing his chair like a monkey.
“Eli sit down.” He said pointing to his chair.
“What am I doing?” The freckled boy looked up at him with one eyebrow cocked and his face all scrunched up.
“Sit down Eli, like Daddy said!” Sam the oldest shouted at his younger brother.
""You’re not my boss!" Eli stuck his tongue out at his brother.
Mrs. Pulman walked in and placed the salad by the fried chicken and sat down.
“Are y’all ready to eat? She asked them.
“I’m ready for a vacation. I’ll be back in ten years” Mr. Pulman said as he smiled at his wife.
“That bad, huh?” She said laughing.

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