The Gunslinger

She rested her back against the wall of the warehouse, as she watched in horror to the gun fire that had sparked.

A young man had stepped out of a black Cadillac. In his hand he had held a semi hand gun. He looked around the warehouse, and noticed a small booth in the corner of the warehouse.

Inside the booth the young gun man noticed a wounded man, resting against the wall.

He raised his weapon towards his head, “Descanse en paz.” The young man spoke to the wounded gun man. “Segador.” The wounded man replied to the young kid, the young gun man squeezed the trigger of the semi hand gun. The once wounded man laid against the wall as his head dripped of blood from the gun shot.

The young man knelt down and picked the gun mans pockets looking for the key to a cargo hold. When another shot rang through the room, and the young man looked down and noticed blood dripping from his shirt.

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