The Problem

As disgusting and unattractive as he was, Kara, and many others, all knew that Pig-Pen is the best person to talk to when there is a problem. It’s not worth the trip unless there is am emergency. In Kara’s case, there definitely was.
Kara had a lot of bad problems in the past and many bad habits, but yesterday was only the 2nd time that she had been bold enough to visit the Pig-Pen.
PREVIOUS DAY: Kara racked her knuckles on the slimy, cracked up door. She waited, no answer. She knocked again- still no answer. The door was part way open and Kara, being impatient, pushed the door open slowly and stepped foot inside the house cautiously. An odor too disgusting to describe in words flooded into her nostrils.
No answer. Kara walked around and saw a glow coming from a room, the door slightly open. She walked over slowly and pushed it open. In front of the computer sat a greasy haired, obese man drenched in blood. Kara opened her mouth to scream, but was interrupted by a muddy hand.

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