Cavernous Hole That Was My Heart

I heard a noise behind me. Crap. I had been followed.

I froze in place, thinking hard about the situation. I had sneaked into this particular cave because it was the quickest route to a hot spring lagoon, which I thought I was the only person in the whole world to have known.

How stupid of me to think that it hadn’t been discovered! And how did I not notice I was followed?

I had been upset. I always come here when I’m upset. I should have been happy for him, but I wasn’t.

My best friend and I had pulled through The Catastrophe clinging to each other for support. It had been 8 long months since we were separated, and only just yesterday had been reunited.

But he brought Her.

Confused and upset, I ran.

“Hey, wait up!” Whew, it was just him, but grr, it was Him!

“THIS is why people sleep with guns under their pillows!”

“Hey, I thought we were friends!”

“Me too…” I sighed out, barely audible. I think I meant, “I thought we had a bond.”



“Hey, what’s with you?” Hmph.

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