Break out 2

My fifth period bell rang.
“Class, remeber that your essay on the civil war is due thursday. Class dismissed.” Mrs. Rein, my social studies teacher dronned.
Finally. Lunch time.
My locker was righ next to Erin, Maried, and Jamies, so we always walked to lunch together.
At the table, I dumped my brown paper bag over.
Ham and Turkey on bagle, yougert, a small bag of cookies, and a water bottle. As usual.
“Hey girliess! I was thinking mall later?” Rachel asked.
“Sounds good to me!’” Erin agreed.
“Me too!”
As usual, everyone could go but me.
“I have dance!” I explained again.
“Uh Nikki? Why do you dance so much!?” Tara exclaimed.
“Well, I love it, obviously, its my life, and I’m pretty good at it.”
“Yeah, I saw those amazing videos you posted on youtube!” Brionna gushed.
“You had like 1,000 views!” Ally informed me.
In all honesty, I hadn’t even looked at the videos since I last posted them.
“Really? I only posted them last week!”
My smile grew huge. I promised my self to check it out when I got home.

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