Looking through the Scope (Part 3)

Larry and I waited two hours for Sebastian. Larry was drinking down the last of his juice and getting ready to pick up some clients just north when Sebastian walked in.
“Sorry about the wait.” he said. I could see white residue on his nose.
“It’s not my money you’re spending.” I turn and grabbed my gear and headed for the bush plane. I didn’t look back to see if he was following. I just focused on my job which was to take my client into the Alaskan bush to hunt.
“What’s all that?” I asked looking down at four black bags that sat in front of the plane.
“My gear.”
“You need a rifle and bullets. That’s it.” I waited as he fumbled through two bags before finding the bullets.
As I sat on the bush plane, I tried to think of ways to end the hunt early. No sooner did the thought cross my mind; Sebastian got up from his seat and headed toward the pilot.
“Man, sit down!” I yelled as he clumsily headed toward Larry.
By the time I reached him he had knocked Larry unconscious and we were spiraling for a cliff.

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