Photography Class

It was all gathered as he looked down at his subjects where they were artfully arranged. He adjusted the earbud just slightly then nodded to himself. He lined up the lens, focused and then snapped the shot. He stood back and waited. Soon there was an echo from down the hallway. “Where’s my MP3 player!” She sneered as he watched through the eyepiece and the flash went off as she snatched her possession back from the counter. “Jerk.” She fled. Next there was: “Who moved my palmtop?” And in walked not the man who had asked but a woman. She said nothing as he snapped her picking up the portable computer and called back. “It’s in the kitchen, dear.” He snapped another shot as the owner took the possession from her; “Oh, here’s my cell phone.” She was shot again as she retrieved it and then blew a kiss to the camera. He turned the camera on himself next.

“This is an interesting family portrait. How did you think of it?” The student laughed. “It’s the only way I could get them all together in the same room.”

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