Widow's Window

Widow Marion was not the average widow. Only married 11 years ago, then to lose the love of her life in a tragic accident at the place of her husband’s employment. She sat in her quaint (and now lonely) bedroom peering out a large stained-glass window that was very elegant. It was gifted to her only one year ago, upon moving into her new home by a close friend who had too became a widow shortly before gifting it. Widow Marion fixed her now cold, unforgiving gray marbles of eyes on every detail in the glass pieces as to find asylum in it. The depiction made of the shards were indistinguishable and it was said to be ‘modern art’. The widow broke her transfixion with the strange work of glass to handle more urgent tasks such as finances and the like. The next morning Widow Marion was found dead in bed due to unknown causes. All items in the house were auctioned. A wealthy bidder invested in the window to find it was upside down.
Placed properly, it had shown a woman weeping over her dead male lover.

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