A New Discovery

XJ-399 was walking down a dark corridor, holding the tether of a power transmitter as one might hold a balloon. Every so often he placed little self-powered lamps on the walls as he went along.

His receiver cut in. “Hey XJ?” It was his mostly machine partner, YU-443.

“What is it?”

“I’m no detective but I think the previous inhabitants went out in a fire-fight. There’s all kinds’a dead people, robot and human, none of them look like they went out peacefully. There are bullet marks and other scoring all over the walls and everything else.”

“I’m seeing some of that here.” XJ-399 leaned over a body mummified by the years in a near total vacuum. Save for a giant chest wound, His uniform was still intact. “Earth Defense Force!”

“Wow! This place is really old! What the heck were New-Nazi’s doing this far out from ‘Mother Earth’? I thought their mad campaign never got farther than their own orbit.”

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