Secret of a Hack

I am no ordinary pirate. My special set of skills have seen to place me in a rather elevated status among the men, and of untold utility to the captain.

To say more, I am about the only one aboard the ship experienced with the application of treatment to bodily injuries and it has bore out with a somewhat better than average rate of survival among those injured and wounded in the course of our various encounters. I say better than average, but because the life expectancy of a sailor who takes a dose of lead shot is but a dim sight above nonexistence, I have been afforded the flexibility of various amounts of experimentation in my methods.

My secret? Concentrated lime juice. As a substance most versatile, I keep a stock on hand for multiple uses. I clean each instrument in a heavy solution before and after any surgeries. A liberal application I have found can stave off infection from a successful amputation. And all of the crew agree that it cuts the bite of the ships daily grog down to a palatable level.

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