Silent Runnings

The sea was calm, and quiet.

Only the sound of the gulls above broke the silence.

They knew what was coming, and as loud as they could, sent out a warning.

Two ships, gliding silently through the waters were on a direct course for each other.
Their weapons were armed, their Captains’ nerves steeled, and their crews ready.
What would come next was in God’s hands, and He wasn’t about to reveal their fates.

As the distance between the two ships decreased, cannon balls were rolled into position, gun powder was made available in abundance, and the First Mate made his rounds to ensure that each member of the crew was in position. They were war machines in a simpler time, ready to fight for what they each thought was right.

The Captains of these vessels may have one day been good friends, sharing stories over an ale, or scotch, but those were views of a distant time. A time neither Captain would live to see.

They were nearly upon each other. Each moved to an attack position, and the battle began..

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