Batman 2: Batman's REVENGE

Batman was very, very rich, and so he could buy all of the Super Nintendos he wanted. Sometimes he would say to Alfard, “Alfard! Get me like six more Super Nintendos, and make it snappy!” And Alfard would do just that, because that was Alfard’s job.

One day Batman was playing a nice, fun game for Super Nintendo called “Battle Cars”. It was fun, except it had even better graphics than normal because he stacked all of his Super Nintendos up into a big pile and used his magic Batman Wand and said “Kapoof” and the Super Nintendos became Super Nintendo Xbox. Batman exclaimed in elation~! “Hooray” cried Batman.

Then it was time for Batman’s bed-time, but Batman didn’t want to go to sleep! “Noooo!” cried Batman, and if Alfard tried to make him go to bed, Batman was going to punch Alfard until Alfard was dead. But just like getting Super Nintendos, it was also Alfard’s job to put Batman to bed on time! Batman beat up Alfard and Alfard went to the hospital and then to a grave. Everyone was sad. The End.

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