The caravan had a long journey across the Steel City, but now that journey was over. They were surrounded by the police; but not just any police… the Undead Skeleton Police!.

“COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP” the Chief Skeleton cackled.

Just then, George Bush burst out of the caravan. His huge muscles glimmered in the sunlight and he swathed some shaving cream across his bare chest before pulling out a futuristic Plasma pistol and aiming it at the Chief Skeleton.

“I’m gonna melt you bone-bags into shit! I’m a Jedi Knight!” George Bush exclaimed, as he spun in a slow motion circle, just like Keanu Reeves, doling out a Plasma Blast to each skeleton. One skeleton thought he was cool and tried to Ninja Kick the president. But George Bush was too smart for him. His fist was secretly a missile shaped like a fist, and it launched off, into the direction of the would-be jump-kicker. The skeletons all exploded and bones flew everywhere. Dogs came and ate the bones and were happy. The End.

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