Batman was fighting in a medieval circus versus two evil clowns. One clown had a knife that spit poison into Batman’s eye. Batman yelled “my eye” and fell to the floor. It looks like certain defeat for batman!

Just then Batman’s accomplice In Crime-Solving, Roben jumped into the fray.

“You’re not the only one who can who has a knife that shoots poison into your eye! I have that also!” Roben said, as he pulled out the knife, awkwardly. Clown 1 ran up and was about to get killed by the knife, but then he saw that the knife was actually a sandwich for batman, labeled “SANDWICH FOR BATMAN”. Batman was like “Did you ask for extra Turkey???”

One clown got away except batman caught him and beat the darling hell out of him. The other clown tried to escape! But Guess what – Roben pulled out a pistol and shot the Clown in the stomach. The Clown froze, reached down and clenched at his hot gaping wound. He said “my blood is coming out now” and perished.

Batman & Roben loved that shit and did a high five.

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