Looking through the Scope(Part 4)

As the Piper Aztec was plummeting, I looked over at Larry who was crumpled in the pilots’ chair in the cockpit; wishing that I had made time for flying lessons. I grabbed the controls knowing that I had to try to land us on the tundra down below if we were going to have a chance of making it out alive. I didn’t have time to look and see what had happened to Sebastian; I heard him somewhere in the back, mumbling something about terrorist on the plane. I focused on moving the plane. It wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined. I was thankful that I had watched Larry on our many hunting excursions.

I was now focused on the desolate landing spot and I awkwardly maneuvered the Piper Aztec to the area that would now be my landing strip. I hastily buckled myself in the pilots’ chair beside Larry’s’ lifeless body just as the plane drew closer to the short narrow opening. I could hear a male voice singing an eerie rendition of “The End” by the Doors and at that moment the plane hit the ground; everything went black.
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