Lights, unused for over a millennium, flickered to life, and the gentle hum of machinery deep within the station began to quietly resume its existence.

XJ-399 let out a startled shriek. “Sorry,” YU-443 offered. “I’m at one of the main power relays.”

Several glass panels along the wall, some cracked or shattered more than others, began to flicker to life. A woman appeared. “Welcome to the DoubleTree Alpha around Saturn,” she greeted. “We want to welcome you to the sixth planet…”

XJ-399 brushed it off. “There’s something off about these bodies. This scene doesn’t look right.”

“Like what?”

“The EDF wouldn’t have let the bodies just sit here like this, and the Fourth Reich destroyed their victims’ bodies, and Bioids would’ve recycled their own and appropriated any organic matter they terminated for researching cybernetic integration and anti-rejection techniques.”

“This is Saturn we’re orbiting.”

XJ-399 opened up a wall panel and began sifting through wires. “I know. But it doesn’t sit right with me.”

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