Life's Not Fair

“Last time I went deer hunting I almost shot myself in the foot!! This is completely insane!!” An awkward silence follows my sisters outburst. She wasn’t very happy about our father’s summer vacation plan. “Why can’t we go somewhere cool, like, I don’t know, Hollywood?” I groan. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Hollywood films were addictive.
“Honey, all of your psychiatrists agreed that you need less Hollywood in your life.”
“But Da-a-d!” She whined. He looks up at me, a pleading look in his eyes.
“Would it kill you to go to Hollywood on the way to Alaska?” He’d do anything for her.
“Honestly Dad, eating a bucket of roadkill sounds more appetizing than going to Hollywood.”
She added, “You know, movie stars are actually quite industrious. It would be good to go see them and become inspired to work harder!” She just had to throw in the ’I’ll work harder’ card. If I was failing all my classes, I’d be grounded. She gets leverage to do just about anything she wants.
Why couldn’t I be the younger sibling??

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