Knowledge is Power

Two days had passed, and the stagnation reflected in Con Gregor’s eyes.

“Frankly, I am at a loss.”

He had lost the intensity of emotion that had stifled the advisors previously; now they were stifled by his surrender. One of the advisors, likely of science or culture, tried to fill the resulting void.

“Con, considering our remaining forces, could we not simply capture the University at Koagrad? Without the University the rest of Tertius would be left without the teachings and…”

The advisor’s own fervor waned as the glares yielded scoffs and smirks, one even from General Prettana. Con Gregor took notice.

“General Prettana, why don’t you share your thoughts on this subject.”

Prettana looked momentarily startled, but with a shallow bow obliged.

“Our only hope rests in prolonging the current infighting among the nations. The capture of Koagrad would remind them of the University’s importance.”

She glanced about, then explained.

“Such aggression would cause them to unite against us. We would lose.”

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