Allor and his sword

He laughed and laughed. What the sword said to him was so goddamned funny that he forgot about the BATTLE TOMORROW! OH MY GOD! With a humungous frown, he asked the sword,
“Hey so tomorrow? What should I wear?”
The sword gave him a look that looked like when a guy turns his headphones too loud on accident.
“SHUT UP! my friends can’t see me in these RRRAGS!”
Allor sits on the ground and begins the CROCODILE tears. (AGAIN)
The sword then played a sweet melody (because it was a harp) that soothed even the most gross lady’s bad attitude.
“You’re right, sword. You are also my friend in this magical world”
The two decided it was best if they never talked about what happened again, only they did ALL the time.
Billiam the tanner saw the smoke in the buildings and tried to call for help but when he tried to speak… A picture of his dead wife made him sort of look around and give a smirk. “Oh Tiffany, you’re always doing things that justify this moment…”
Too bad for him because that was the end of her.she died

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