Try the bean dip. I hear it's "Super!"

At first glance, Neil and Steve looked like any other superheroes at the convention. A closer look revealed that Neil’s costume was a catcher’s outfit with a shredded bedhsheet over his shoulders, while Steve’s was a store-bought copy of another hero’s costume that had been re-dyed.

“Man, I love these conventions,” Neil was saying as he munched on a plate of chips and dips. “I am so glad I discovered my power.”

“You’re telling me,” said Steve, talking around a mouthful of donut. “If my girlfriend had never gotten into scrapbooking, I still wouldn’t know mine.”

“Watch out, here comes Captain Wonderful,” hissed Neil.

Steve raised his voice, “And then I punched that alien zombie alligator, RIGHT IN THE FACE!”

“HELL YES!” responded Neil. Then, after a beat, “Okay, he’s out of earshot.”

“Whew,” said Steve. “That was a close one.”

“Yeah. Dude, this guacamole is awesome.”

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