XJ followed the pipes and wires in the ceiling to an unremarkable door labeled Processing Hub. Black wires ran in a hasty tangle up and down the floor, convening to disappear beneath the door and into the room.
That’s a bit off, he thought, this should have been kept obsessively neat.
Choosing caution over expediency, he took a proxy and plugged it into the console next to the door. Plugging into this, he set about cracking the stone-age security system. The proxy flashed and smoked a bit as one of the shields blew. Small, but it justified caution.
Still, the door hadn’t budged.
Unsurprised, XJ produced an industrial gun. Placing the barrel against the door, he fired a spike into it. He braced himself, and pushed hard against the spike to slide the door open.
Suddenly, something inside snapped, and the door shot open smashing XJ’s hand. Something black lunged out from within and XJ let out a yell.
A charred body floated from within the scorched room, the axe in its hands now dislodged from the door.

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