An Aside: I'm Only Gonna Axe You Once

In the beginning, there was stone, and the first manufactured weapons were the spear and the ever-lasting axe, unless you count removing small twigs from a tree limb to make a club. We figured out throwing spears then bows and arrows. Shields came along sometime and weapons evolved to be used with and against shields. Axes were quite good at cleaving shields. Then metals came, and we invented swords and flails. Spears, axes, and clubs all evolved to deal with new weapons and armor. Axes were not so effective against well armored soldiers but still persisted since most soldiers were not well armored. Then along came gunpowder and guns. Axes were now just secondary or tertiary weapons, or more commonly just a well-adapted tool. Metal armor became obselete for the foot soldier. Composites and synthetic fibers eventually came along and began reducing the effectiveness of guns. Guns became more powerful, eventually becoming magnetically powered instead of chemically.

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