Into the Forest, Again

They remained lip-locked for what seemed like hours, until the woman suddenly pulled away. There was something in her eyes, almost like fear. She looked at the boy as if she were trying desperately to communicate something to him. But as she realized that he could not understand her, she shook her head and ran.

Before she disappeared into the forest, she transformed into a fairy, or perhaps she was a sprite. She glowed a light blue color, and then disappeared into the forest. The boy ran after her, faster than he had run before.
He caught sight of her just ahead of him, her wings carrying her much faster than his legs were carrying him. But still he ran until he was out of breath and could not see through the thick darkness of the forest. He rested for several minutes while regaining his breath and allowing his vision to adjust. As he rested, he had the uneasy feeling of someone watching him…

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