A Little Night Music

It’s quiet,
too quiet.
There is silence enough to hear
the blood pushing through my veins,
the wind rushing past my ears.

The night is dark,
so very dark.
There is no reference mark or post
where I can find the scent of home
or the light that brings me close.

My head is tilted backward until my chin traces the sky,
because the moon is just a fingernail and Pegasus is trotting by.
I have found Venus in the west and Orion with his hound.
The God of War sits on the south throne where peace will not be found.

The night is deep,
so sharp and deep.
It will penetrate your heart.
You find that oceans are no use to you
when planets are your art.

My face is ice.
This kiss is ice.
Most would welcome warmth and hearth.
But I will not forsake my lover’s song
for all the gold inside the earth.

My hands keep your tempo as they tap upon my cheeks.
I have kept your altar holy throughout the Summer weeks.
I know that you will leave me as the Autumn harvest nears
Right now I am a witness to the harmony of the spheres.

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