The Bully

Rob picked Carl up by his underpants, about 3.674525480942578 feet in the air. The kid was scared faceless. Rob spanked him on his center left buttcheek and before long Carl began to speak.

“Okay, okay I know who killed your dad and flushed him down the urinal. It was a doctor from Compton. But it was an honest mistake. Please, for the sake of Compton, forgive that man”.

Rob- “Yeah, yeah shut it Carl-Y (get it?tehe) because quite frankly it sounds to me like you are talking out of your trousers. Your dog is an old geaser and believe me when I say this, I will avenge the death of my father (Robert Besinni Gelita Portalo). AVENGE! And I will get revenge, even if that means killing your dog.”

Carl- " Those are some pretty passionate words coming from such a heavy set disgrace to society like you. Yeah, thats right, I went there."

Carl awoke in hell moments later. As for Robert, he went to Juvy (or however you spell it), but not before killing Carl’s dog. JK. No but really he did kill the dog.

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