I sat back down in my seat. My heart was beating fast in my chest.

I had on a long sleeve, blue, loose fitting t-shirt and jeans. My hair was up in a pony-tail. I was trying to blend in, but everyone kept looking at me. I was the new girl, and by the looks of things around here, I would be the highlight of the school year.

I didn’t use to mind being the center of attention. I thrived in it, actualy. But now that seems so far away, an entirely different me. And it was, a different me that is. My old school, my old life, my old family all belonged to a different girl. All that stuff was before Mom ran off with me in tow.

Now everything is new. Including Mom’s attitude.

I continued on through the day trying to attract as little attention as possible. I felt like everyone here must know, that everyone could see through my thin layer of clothing… And there was one boy who was in most of my classes. He was always looking at me, yet I had know idea who he was. And I knew that I could never get closed to him.

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