“Ow! Damn it!” XJ-399 held onto his broken hand. His bones were already refitting into place, but it still hurt, a lot.

“What was that?” YU-443 was finished with his work outside and was heading inside.

The blue biot called out to whatever creature had just zipped down the hall. “Hey! Was that really necessary?”


“Sorry, not you, I was talking to whatever damn thing just smashed my hand.”

YU-443 came down the hallway and met XJ-399. He took a look at the body doing a slow somersault , still holding an axe. “Hmmm. I’m beginning to wonder if this place is worth the trouble.”

“You want to go? Because of whatever that thing was? I doubt it’s a real threat. Maybe it’s a robot that’s survived all these years and thought I was out to get it. The Biot Empire has never been very nice. Maybe it needs our help. Anyway, we’re right in the middle of a mystery. Aren’t you curious about what happened here?”

Just then their ship’s alarm system cut in. They’d been spotted. A Confederate ship was on it’s way.

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