Subway Ghost

“Excuse me, coming through, move out of the way!” The long gray-haired man with the crooked nose shouted as he limped through the roaring subway crowd. His hat was covered in oddities, his plaid shirt was inside out and he reeked of urine.
The Vogue brunette covered her nose as he paraded by and the little-freckled faced boy, holding his mothers’ hand, strained to get a better view.
The peculiar man came to an abrupt halt in front of the boy.
“You ever been fishing boy?” The man squatted down by the boy, his mother held his hand tighter.
“I went with my grandpa once.”
“I used to like to fish. Not too many fishing spots around here though.”The man stated as he reached up and grabbed a yellow fishing lure off his hat and handed it to the boy.
“Next time your pap takes you fishing, use this.” The man patted the boy on his head and walked away.
No one seemed to notice that the odd man vanished into thin air, but the little boy would never forget him; that had been the day of the accident.

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