The Train Symphony

The pines and oaks were angry as they bent and broke flying through the air like projectile missiles. The wind howled loudly as the clouds grew darker. The door on the white house clapped at the wind and trees as they continued with their symphony.

The graying lady with the calico cat moved awkwardly through the clapping door. She hobbled underneath the pines and oaks avoiding the missiles as they hurled directly at her. She pushed against the howling wind keeping her eye on her destination.

He was waiting for her listening to the symphony and watching. She had just a few more steps to take and she would be safe within the haven.

Her feet didn’t move as fast as they had so many times before.

She didn’t see the missile from the pine; he could see nothing else. He watched his beloved fall and heard the roaring train coming right for her. She was gone and he must decide whether he would go with her or climb into the blue darkness below.

He waited by the empty chair for the train to move on.

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