Patience is a Virtue

He idled in his empty room. The void that Coot left behind offered a quiet that beat drums in Vanco’s head, pounding far worse than the blabbermouth ever had. His only consolation lay in the waxing amelioration from the guards. They had passed him smokes, had returned him to a three meal schedule, and their brief company was a welcome relief. To boot, their whispers to each other had become audible enough for Vanco to overhear.

“Don’t worry about it. If anything goes wrong, it’ll be Jemsen’s head.”

“Are you daft man? Jemsen’s gone off his rocker – Rand’s the one giving orders now.”

“Rand? Wasn’t he a mechanic before? How is he qualified?”

“I think he worked the harvester, actually. I see what you mean though. This whole mess is going to get us killed.”

They were relieved by a less outspoken pair. A harvester op now a rebel leader? Something had motivated such a drastic change, Vanco thought, but only in some people. He and the guards seemed fine.

“Well damn. I’d bet that none of them are Verdans.”

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