A cracked porcelain doll…
I am slowly about to crack into pieces,
bewildered by your absences
Our last kiss lingers on my lips
And the blood stains my thoughts
Infatuations, covered in my torture memories
Promises dip in saturation excuses
I am lost without you
But you’ve chosen your destiny
And even though I feel as if I am dying inside
As if I can no longer see a tomorrow
Nor hear the sounds of the future
Or feel you around me
I know the moments you spent with me, are treasured memories
My fear of you not being here, when I open my eyes
Makes me, never want to wish to open my eyes
How can I live without you when you were my air
Now as you did to me, I have to lay here, and slowly dry up.
And allow the emptiness to fade me away into the darkness..

After a porcelain doll face cracks, it loses its value…

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