Some figured something broke, but others swear they saw something, massive and indescribable, pass through, leaving ripples in time and space. Of course, all of them are raving lunatics, but that’s the English for you. Blow everythin’ out of proportion.
The ref’s mad too, keeps screaming about something in his eyes, but I’m not surprised, calls he was making…

Half the stadium’s missing, like it never was there. The other half joins up just fine, but apparently sections 5 through 10 are missing. They counted. Don’t try and figure the geometry on that one.

Something’s in the sky now too. Don’t look up or it’ll see ya. Bet it took a while for them to figure that one out.
“Oy, what’s that in tha skoi?” SSSSLURP
“Wha choo mean Wilbah?” SSSSLUCK
Heh heh…

The field’s alright, so long as you look at it cross eyed. Goes kinda asymptotic for a bit, fractillic over there, but after that it’s pretty reasonable. Problem is, you can’t rely on coming out where you go through.

We’re still trying to find the ball.

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