Imagine there's no heaven...

In 1992, we discovered “mirror neurons”, an artefact in the human brain responsible for empathy. When we put ourselves in other peoples shoes, imagine how they feel, or sympathise with someone, these neurons fire up and can be seen under an fMRI scan.

In 2007, we learned that everyone from serial killers to social malcontents had a sliding scale of mirror neuron tissue. (Serial killers having virtually none at all.)

By 2010, we learned how games like Tetris actually changed brain tissue, making the connections more efficient and amazingly, increasing certain neural brain tissue along the cortex.

It did not take long for ethical scientists to piece it all together and begin looking for ways to increase mirror neuron tissue. Whether by pill, or video game wouldn’t matter to them.

In the end, by 2025 and much to the scientists chagrin, only one thing had been found which universally worked: quiet prayer and meditation.

Now, we all wear monitors which keep an eye on our brains. And what’s more, we want to.

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