Violating Expectations pt. 3

Kara stormed into her living room.

The television was blaring Sports Center sound bites, keeping everyone up to date. Jason leaned forward. He looked better than he did when he’d broke into her apartment. He’d used the time since he attacked her to take a shower and put on some of his clothes he’d left there.

He looked up over his shoulder.

“Hey Babe.” His voice was too casual.

Which enraged her further.

“You son of a bitch!”

“You better get the money. You don’t have it tomorrow, then-” He made his thumb and forefinger a gun and said, “Bang.”

She leapt at him with a howl, knife in hand. He fell back holding his chest.

“You’re crazy.” His eyes were wild now, looking around for a weapon.

Kara danced forward, keeping the knife between them.

Jason ran out of options as she closed the distance and he lunged at her. She tilted her wrist and felt the knife bounce off of a rib.

He gasped in pain, blood bubbling out of his mouth.

Kara waited until after he finished dying before dialing nine-one-one.

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