Seven Deadly Sins: Epilogue

Pig-Pen watched in horror as Kara was sentenced to seven years of jail time for involuntary manslaughter. She was released on good behavior after four years. Each week during her time in jail, Pig-Pen wrote to her and finally revealed that he loved her. After she was released, she accepted Pig-Pen’s hand in marriage. They used a good portion of their money to employ a team of house cleaners for their new house. Pig-Pen found out over the next twenty years that he was wrong, and that love and lust are two very different things.

Jason’s body was claimed by Congressman Barnes who stated that he felt some small amount of responsibility for the death of one of his former aides, especially since he had dismissed him the previous Friday. Barnes promised to cover the burial costs to ease the burden on the family. Barnes’ new aide, Caleb, handled all aspects of the funeral and everyone agreed that it was a tasteful and touching ceremony.

“Everyone paid a cost, but it wasn’t the cost that any of them expected.”

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