It Looks Like an Adidas Commercial


The black and white ball spun so fast it became grey.

Robert Greene, England’s goalie, knew that it was up to him to prevent these American upstarts from scoring. They were decent players but enough was enough. He dove for the ball- and deflected it!

As the ball bounced away, the ground shook.

Something was happening. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the ball roll over the goal line. The American’s scored but he didn’t care anymore.

The ground shuddered again and the middle of the field exploded throwing up big chunks of grass-covered soil.

At the bottom of the divot, Robert could see a rings of metal. It looked like a bull’s-eye. Strange glowing symbols covered the two largest bands and lightning arced around them, causing further damage to the field.

In a flash of blinding light, figures appeared on the inner disc.

Robert couldn’t believe his eyes.

Armour-clad knights milled around in confusion. When they saw the men on the field, they lowered the visors and lances and charged.

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