Before We Were Human

“What is life like?” asked the next little Soul in line.

“Well, first you have to be born.” God peered through a magnifying glass and delicately wrapped two strands of DNA into his signature double helix.

“What’s be born mean?”

“You will be given a brand new human body the moment it comes into the world.” God sat back and the two watched as the embryo formed, grew into fetus, and turned, preparing for entry into the human world.

“Wow.” Souls always thought this process was amazing.

God picked up the little Soul and put it into the insertion chamber. “Don’t forget to breathe.”


“Oh and you will feel things.” God turned to watch the birth pains as they pushed the infant toward its destiny.


“What they call happiness, sadness, worry, hot and cold too.”

“How long will I be there?”

“Long enough.”

“Will I see you there?”

“Not like this, no.”

“Will I come back and see you again?”

“That’s the whole point.”
God pressed a button and the Soul rushed toward the infant.

He breathed.

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